Ahad, April 21, 2013


- The Perfect Pick Up Truck For Your Business
It discards the traditional narrow cab and has more spacious, more comfortable passenger cab. Chana Era Star Pick Up truck has the exact capabilities and performance that SME needed and has ranked NO. 1 in China mini truck segment for 5 years consecutively.


Safe and fashionable
  • Extruding car head with a blend of fashion elements and the adoption of the pickup design for the rear lamp and door handles represent the original smooth body in a more clear and outstanding manner
  • The vacuum braking makes braking more stable and reliable
Flexible and comfortable
  • Soft-type steering wheel and the shift cable transmission offer better holding feel with easy and flexible control
  • Traditional narrow driving cabinet of small sized cars has been abandoned so that the driver can fully enjoy the spaciousness of CHANA ERA STAR PICK UP truck
Economical and environment-protection
  • The cargo body and wheel base have adopted extra length design to increase loading space, the double layers of the body provides stronger loading capacity and better conformity of the car body – cargo body proportion
  • Highly efficient engine provides lower maintenance, better cost performance, cleaner emission, stronger climb ability and the capacity to carry more
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