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Documents for loan submission

Documents for loan submission 
pakah dokumen yang diperlukan oleh pihak Bank untuk pinjaman pembelian kereta baru?

Kepada mereka yang buat permohonan loan kereta baru , kamu harus  sampingkan dokumen bersama dengan V.S.O  semasa buat permohonan  loan secara sendiri .
1. Salinan IC
2. Salinan Lesen Memandu*
3. Salinan Slip Gaji (3 bulan)
4. Salinan Bank Statement (terbaru)
*Sekiranya anda belum lagi mempunyai lesen memandu kereta yang sah, 
kamu  memerlukan penjamin, dan hanya ahli keluarga sahaja yang layak sebagai  penjamin anda .

1)複製 I C
*沒有駕駛執照,需要擔保人 , 只有家庭成員有資格作為擔保人

Documents for the purchase of a car

What documents are required by the Bank for car loan?
Those who apply for new vehicle loan ,V.S.O copy must be together with  document when submit the loan...
  1. Copy of Driving Licence *
  2. Copy of salary slips (3-6 months)
  3. Copy of Bank Statement (most recent) 3 to 6 month
* If you do not have a valid driving license  Bank will  require a guarantor , Only family members qualify as your  guarantor /sponsor, 

Documents for loan submission (Individual)

    1. MyKad/Uniformed Personnel ID OR
    2. MyPR Kad(For Non Malaysia-PR) OR
    3. Passport and Visa/Working Permit



  4. Salaried Applicant
    Latest salary slips (3 Months) and at least one of the following:
    1. Savings/Current/ASB/ASN/Tabung Haji A/C reflecting latest 3 months incomeOR
    2. Current year APF statement or statement as at December of last year OR
    3. Last year assessment of Income Tax Borang B OR
    4. Employment letter of Offer (For applicant in new job , 3 months with prior employment records)

    Newly Employed (3 months)
    1. Minimum 1 month salary slip OR
    2. Savings/Current A/C reflecting at least 1 month salary.

    Non-Salaried Applicant
    1. Savings/Current/ASB/ASN/Tabung Haji A/C reflecting latest 3 months incomeOR
    2. Latest Income Tax Borang B AND
    3. Other relevant documents


    1. Degree or Diploma Certificate
    2. Employment Letter 

  6. GUARANTOOR (If Applicable)

    1. Photocopy of NRIC
    2. Savings/Current/ASB/ASN/Tabung Haji A/C reflecting latest 3 months income
Documents for loan submission (Non-Individual)

  2. Sole Proprietor/Partnership
    1. Copy of NRIC of Sole Proprietor/partner
    2. Copy of Business Registration (Borang A)
    3. Copy of Latest Business Registration Renewal (Borang D)

    Private/Public Companies
    1. Copy of Certificate of  Incorporation (Form 9)
    2. Copy of M & A (certified by Company Secretary)
    3. Copy of form 24 and 49 (certified by Company Secretary)

    Clubs, Associations, Societies and cooperatives
    1. Copy of Certificate of Registration
    2. Copy of certified Rules & Regulations
    3. Empowerment to the office bearers/appointed committee to borrow


  4. Sole Proprietor/Partnership
    1. Savings/Current/ASB/ASN/Tabung Haji A/C reflecting 3 months income OR
    2. Latest income tax Borang B AND
    3. Other relevant documents:

    Private/Public Companies
    1. Current account reflecting applicant’s latest 3 months declared income
    2. Other relevant documents

    Clubs, Associations, Societies and cooperatives
    1. Current account reflecting applicant’s latest 3 months declared income
    2. Latest one year financial statements

Applicants are encouraged to submit all document needed support by extra documents in order to get better interest rate and approval chances...
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