Jumaat, November 22, 2013

Layout Optionh -Era JinBei

Layout Options

Era Jinbei - the van that gives excellent mobility with multiple functions
Seat Layout

High Roof Enlarges The Space

High Roof Van Diagram
Era Jinbei provides cozy spacious room with better vision and sheer pleasure by its 1640mm height.

Seating Layout Suggestions


  1. Full-Panel Van, 2 crews (including driver)
  2. Semi-Panel Van, 5 crews (including driver)


  1. Bas Persiaran, 14 crews (including driver)
  2. Kereta Sewa dan Pandu, 14 crews (including driver)
  3. Bas Catar/Sekolah/Pekerja, 14 crews or 22 students (including driver)

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